For about twenty years Tommy Johnson was perhaps the most important and influential blues singer in the state of Mississippi. He was one of the few black musicians to whom that much abused epitet 'legendary' rightfully applied.

-David Evans, Tommy Johnson.

Next to son house and charley patton, no one was more important to the development of pre-Robert johnson delta blues that tommy johnson. Armed with powerfull voice that could go from growl to an eerie falseto range and a guitar style that had all of the early figures and licks of the delta style clearly delineated, johnson...left behind a body of work that's had to ignore.

-Cub Koda, All Music Guide

The Tommy Johnson Foundation is non profit,tax-exempt foundation working to reserve the legacy and music of legendary blue artist Tommy Johnson. The Foundation's work has been focused on restoring the warm, springs cemetery in crystal springs, MS, where tommy johnson has lain in an unmarked grave for more than half a century.