In Honor of Tommy Johnson

The Mount Zion Memorial Fund is a Mississippi non-profit corporation, founded in 1989. The Fund is dedicated to honoring American musicians in Mississippi, preserving and protecting hallowed ground sites, and supporting church communities and the families of musicians with legal counsel and other assistance.

We are extremely proud to have been asked by the family of Tommy Johnson to create this memorial in his honor, and we can think of no other figure in American music more deserving of this effort.

We have been aided by the enthusiastic support and encouragement of the City of Crystal Springs and the Crystal Springs Chamber of Commerce. The contributions to the Mount Zion Fund that made this memorial possible have been offered by people across America who deeply care about the legacy of Tommy Johnson, and the contribution that the blues has made to American music.

Due to the fact that the Warm Springs Methodist Church Cemetery is temporarily inaccessible, the Johnson family and the Mt. Zion Fund have chosen to unveil this memorial at Railroad Park in the City of Crystal Springs prior to its permanent placement in Spring 2002.

On behalf of those who have created and funded this memorial, and on behalf of the Johnson family, we would like to thank everyone who has joined us here today to celebrate the unveiling of this commemorative headstone in honor of Tommy Johnson.

The Tommy Johnson memorial headstone was created by Custom Carving and Engraving, Arcola, Mississippi. Artwork and layout by Alan Orlicek. Design by Skip Henderson. Epitaph by David Evans and the family of Tommy Johnson.

The Mount Zion Memorial Fund Inc. is a Mississippi non-profit corporation, 501(0)3. The Fund can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 3872, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117. Fax 504-945-0870, or via email at All tax-deductible contributions may be sent to The Mount Zion Memorial Fund Inc. c/o Union Planters Bank P.O. Box 1059, Clarksdale, Mississippi, 38614.

Skip Henderson
Director, Mt. Zion Memorial Fund Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 11, 2001