Presented by Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation

partnering with the Mississippi International Film Festival


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October 26 & 27, 2012

The Planetarium

201 East Pascagoula St., Jackson, MS†††

Artists performing include are Ben Payton, Eden Brent ,The Duchess, David Mack,†The Juvenators, and more!

Tommy Johnson, born to a large musical family in 1896 and one of the most famous early Mississippi blues musicians is to be honored at two festivals on October, 27, 2012. To be held in downtown Jackson MS.

Partner with the 3rd Mississippi International Film Festival. This event is being held to bring public awareness to the contributions Tommy Johnson made to the blues genre.

Johnson is credited with telling the tale of "selling his soul to the Devil" to become a great musician, Johnson's talent was honored in the Delta around Dockery Plantation from 1912 --1914. Charley Patton Willie Brown Dick Bankston and Ben Maree were among those whose style he found favor. When he returned home from the Delta his guitar techniques were polished and persuasive and he astonished audiences with the new music that was fortunately recorded between 1928 and 1930, at Paramount Recording Studio.

On September18, 2010 Tommy Johnson was inducted into Paramount Walk Of Fame. Paramount Records was one of the major recording studios for African American, and Jazz and blues artist in the 1920's and 1930's.

This event coincides with a presentation of a Blues Trial Marker from Mississippi acknowledging the important of Paramount Records to Mississippi blues artist. †

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